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Web3 & Wallet Marketing

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective marketing tools to speed up conversions and automate your message. Here's what you need to know about them...

What is Web3 & Wallet Marketing?

Web3 is ushering in a stronger sense of communities and decentralization. In the near future, people will have crypto or decentralized wallets that allow them to transact directly with one another. Within these wallets, people can hold and trade NFTS that grant them access to gated material and communities. Instead of email marketing, brands will issue NFTS to people’s wallets. With that NFT, people can access the brand’s community, interact with people, and their NFT grows in value while holding.

The NFT grants access and gives the holders discounts/ perks. People will check their wallet and the value of their NFTS as much as they check their email. Only this time, they won’t get upset at the spam, they will instantly see rewards and feel a part of your brand.

When should I use Web3 & Wallet Marketing?

If you’re looking to transition from the current Web2 model of emailing and blasting people with marketing, to a community based model where the community grows your brand and is rewarded, a Web3 shift is right for you.

Why should I use Web3 & Wallet Marketing?

Get ahead. Regardless of what you read in the news, technology always wins. Being the first to market in your category with useful, utility packed options for your customers is key. Educate your customers on what they get, and how to use it, and they will thank you for many years to come. NFTS and Web3 will extend the live time value of your customer.

What makes for great Web3 & Wallet Marketing?

Great looking NFTS packed with utility, meaning, owning your NFT accrues interest/value over time and unlocks discounts to holders.

How does MediaLuv create NFTS and transition companies to Web3?

We’ll evaluate your current Web2 state and recommend a plan that will set up, engage and grow a community that you and your team can take over and watch grow. We’ll show you how to engage, when to engage, and how to create and deploy NFTS that give your customers greater value week after week.

How much does an NFT/ Web3 project cost?

Between $15k-+$150k depending on the length of engagement and goals for community growth

How much time does it take to create explainer videos?

3-6 months with a retainer option if you would like us to grow your community over time

See for yourself

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