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Training Animation Production

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective marketing tools to speed up conversions and automate your message. Here's what you need to know about them...

What are Training Animations?

Training animations are a great way to teach employees, customers, or prospects exactly how to do something. Instead of shooting live action, you can simplify what you are teaching into animated graphics that rarely need to be updated. Training animations get people up to speed quickly.

When should I use Training Animations?

For any process that repeats in which you need to educate someone how to do something within your system.

Why should I use Training Animations?

They are more enjoyable for people to learn from and they automate your onboarding process.

What makes a great Training Animations?

1. Simple

Crystal clear messaging with bright, bold, simple graphics will be easier for the viewer to follow and remember

2. Staggered times

One mistake a lot of companies make is making training videos that are one long video. Instead, break your long video into bite size videos, staggering and ramping up the times from :15 – to 2:45 seconds. This way, your viewer easily completes the first few videos and has built the habit and motivation to continue.

3. Branded

Your training animations can look, feel and sound like your company. When you custom make your training animations, the colors are on brand, the pacing sets the tone, and the voice sounds like your brand voice.

How does MediaLuv create Training Animations?

All projects start with an estimate and a quick call. Once all is approved, a deposit is made, we’ll guide you through our 5 step process to the perfect animated video.

How much do Training Animations cost?

The costs for training animations can range depending on the video length, quantity of videos and complexity of animation style. This range can be from $12k into the six or seven figures.

How much time does it take to Training Animations?

We like to finish the first video quickly within 2-4 weeks so you feel comfortable moving forward with a larger investment.

See for yourself

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