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Sizzle Video Production

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective marketing tools to speed up conversions and automate your message. Here's what you need to know about them...

What are Sizzle Videos?

Sizzle videos are a mix of photos, text, and images to show case your company’s achievements.

When should I use Sizzle Videos?

These are great for case studies, to highlight your team/business, or to create to land new business.

Why should I use Sizzle Videos?

These short, fast paced, bursts, show people what your company is all about in a few seconds.

What makes a great Sizzle Video?

1. Fast paced but legible
2. Less than 1 minute
3. Simplified Information

How does MediaLuv create Sizzle Videos?

All projects start with an estimate and a quick call. Once all is approved, a deposit is made, we’ll guide you through our 5 step process to the perfect animated video.

How much do Sizzle Videos cost?

Our average project tickets are between $8k-$50k, with occasional series of videos which are 15% off when ordered in bulk

How much time does it take to create Sizzle Videos?

The first project we work create together will take less than 4 weeks to finish a 1 minute explainer video with a few characters. This can vary depending on the amount of characters and style of the video.

See for yourself

Check out a couple of examples we've created