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Product Video Production

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective marketing tools to speed up conversions and automate your message. Here's what you need to know about them...

What are Product Videos?

Animated videos to market and show off your product in a fun way.

When should I use Product videos?

On social media, on your home page, in you’re A+ graphics on Amazon or ecommerce sites

Why should I use Product videos?

To excite the viewer. Upbeat music with bright colors and movement draw people in, grab attention, and get people pumped to use your product.

3 Elements that makes a great Product video

1. Clear Benefits

Paint the picture of what the viewer’s life will be like after owning your product

2. Emotional connection

A great product video connects deeply with a viewer, making them want the transformation that your product delivers.

3. Right timing

From the pacing of the video, to the length of the video (we recommend 15 or 30 seconds), you need to respect your viewers time and give them the information they need quickly, in a non boring way, to convert them into customers.

How does MediaLuv create Product Videos?

We combine motion graphics, photography and video together in a 5 step process to the perfect product video. For product videos, we work with live action and photography partners to shoot your products, while we composite and add the editing energy.

How much do product videos cost?

Costs for product videos range from $12k north of $60k, depending on the goals, motion graphics and animation style

How much time does it take to create a product videos?

3-4 weeks

See for yourself

Check out a couple of examples we've created