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Landing Page Video Production

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective marketing tools to speed up conversions and automate your message. Here's what you need to know about them...

What are Landing Page Videos?

Landing page videos are explainer videos with a very strict story structure. Much like a website, a landing page video answers a series of questions viewers are looking to have answered in order to sign up or purchase from you. Each section of the video is dedicated to answering one question and the video ends with a clear concise call to action.

When should I use Landing Page videos?

When your launching a new product or business or looking
to convert more website visitors.

Why should I use Landing Page videos?

A majority of your audience prefers to consume videos instead of the written word. If they see a short landing page video with a great title that promises to deliver, odds are they will give you :45 second of their time to learn more.

How are landing page videos different than Explainer videos?

Explainer videos are more flexible in terms of the story they tell, tone, and style. Landing page videos spead directly to what the website visitor’s life will change after purchasing.

What makes a great Landing Page video?

A great landing page video speaks to your client from their perspective and understands their pain points. It quickly answers “what’s in it for me?” in seconds. 

How does MediaLuv create Landing Page Videos?

All projects start with a quick call. We’ll share ideas and get you an estimate. Once all is approved, a deposit is made, we’ll guide you through our 5 step process to the perfect animated video.

How much do Landing Page Videos cost?

:45 Second Landing Page Video with 1 main character costs between $8k-$20k

How much time does it take to create explainer videos?

3-4 weeks

See for yourself

Check out a couple of examples we've created