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Explainer Video Production

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective marketing tools to speed up conversions and automate your message. Here's what you need to know about them...

What are Animated Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos visualize ideas into content people enjoy watching. When your viewer enjoys what they watch, they are more open minded to your message, and more likely to follow your call to action. The best part about explainer videos is you don’t have to repeat yourself! Once your video is created, you can let it do all of the explaining for you.

When to use?

If you need to explain a complex topic in a simple, fun way,explainer videos allow you to do this. If you have a product, explainer videosshowcase the beenfits and features in creative, memorable ways. Have somethingyou need to educate viewers on? Explainer videos visualize ideas intoconsumable nuggets that get through to people. The best part about explainer videos is, you don’t have to repeat yourself! Once your video is created, letit do all of the explaining for you.

Why use?

The data is all over google on the benefits of videomarketing, so we won’t bore you with stats. Simply put, explainer videos saveyou and your audience time, and when you explain something with animation,people can step outside of their pessimistic ways to see your ideas and opentheir minds. When this happens, you convince and convert far more viewers thanany other traditional medium.

3 Elements of an Effective Explainer Video

1. Structure

The order in which you explain your idea matters. We have a few proven frameworks to structure your explainer video. The most popular framework is based on the heroes journey. Your viewer is seeking something, they are the hero in their story, looking to get what you can deliver. When you structure your animated explainer video with that in mind, you can paint the picture of your viewers problems (the villain), and the mentor (you) with a plan who can get them from point A to Z painlessly.

2. Voice & Tone

While many people watch videos on silent, we recommend a great voice over is used for all of your animated videos. The voice in your video guides and reassures viewers. It sets the tone perfectly and helps open people's mind to your message. A voice can make or break your video.

3. Look & Feel

Character, colors, backgrounds and typography must be in sync with the points one and two. When they are, your video becomes and enjoyable 1 minute explainer leaving viewers feeling like they know something brand new, and are excited to convert or share with their friends.

How does it work?

All projects start with an estimate and a quick call. Once all is approved, a deposit is made, we’ll guide you through our 5 step process to the perfect animated video.

What does it cost?

Our average project tickets are between $8k-$50k, with occasional series of videos which are 15% off when ordered in bulk

How long does it take?

The first project we work create together will take less than 4 weeks to finish a 1 minute explainer video with a few characters. This can vary depending on the amount of characters and style of the video.

See for yourself

Check out a couple of examples we've created