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Explainer Video Production

Explainer video production involves creating two-minute or less videos that communicate new or complex concepts simply, while keeping viewers engaged with warm and easy-to-follow dialogue and graphics.

Sometimes referred to as a concept video, explainer videos are especially useful for technology and SaaS (software as a service) products. For example, when cloud hosting was a totally new and hard-to-grasp concept, Dropbox used the power of explainer video production to raise $48,000,000.

Dropbox was able to easily communicate a revolutionary new concept and raise $48,000,000 with their explainer video.

Benefits of

Benefits of Explainer Videos

  • Increase retail purchases
  • Increase online conversions
  • Engage & educate your audience
  • Decrease customer support costs

Featured Projects

maptycs explainer video
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Explainer Video


the runthrough explainer video
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Explainer Video

The Runthrough

north country healthcare explainer video
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Explainer Video

North Country Healthcare


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