Hi. We're MediaLuv.

We create custom animated videos and visuals to help market, show off, and grow your brand.

Presenting your ideas with boring, low quality graphics and videos will make people tune out...

This is where MediaLuv can help.

We'll work with you to structure your story, wrap it in beautiful motion graphics and make people instantly understand the benefit of your brand.

Animated Videos by MediaLuv:

Build trust with your audience
Automate your messaging
Shorten customer conversions
Amplify your message
Excite, entertain, and educate your audience
Animation simplifies and clarifies your message to make your audience 'get it,' and make faster decisions.

Who we work with

From start-ups to Fortune 500's, we work with companies in a variety of industries:
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The MediaLuv Method.

Creating videos should not drain your time and energy. We have a proven process to quickly guide you from concept to completion.

5 Step Process to Perfect Animated Videos:

Align goals and objectives
Structure your story into a script
Design & Animation
Mix voice, music, and sound fx
Deliver a high-resolution video

Why work with MediaLuv?

With Google at your finger tips, you can choose to work with any Animation & Design Studio. Why choose MediaLuv?

We're Quick

The key to our speed is always having our finger on the pulse. We eat, sleep and breath animation, so we're always ready to generate ideas and create quickly.

We Care

When you work with MediaLuv, your business is our focus. We are laser focussed on making sure the money you invest multiplies your ROI and streamlines your business.

We Deliver

For nearly a decade, we've been delivering top notch creative for brands around the world. Rest assured, when you work with MediaLuv, you will luv the results from your investment.


How much do animated videos cost?

Between $8k-$50k is our typical budget range. The cost is based on animation style, run time, amount of videos, size variations, deadline, and our availibility

How long do animated videos take to create?

Around 3-4 weeks per minute. Efficiencies of scale apply if you need more or longer videos.

What tools do you use to make animated videos?

After Effects, Animate, Toon Boom, Illustrator, Photoshop, Nomad Sculpt, Procreate and Blender

What type of companies does MediaLuv work with?

All types, from solopreneurs, to start-ups to gigantic companies

How does billing work?

50% to begin. 50% upon completion.

I need my project completed fast, is there a rush fee?

Yes, 15% additional rush fee. Urgent/timely/rushed projects must be paid 100% in advance and are non-refundable

What if I don't like the video you produce?

We don't disappear and hand you over a video, we like to collaborate with you to get your feedback and make sure everything is in tune with your brand. We have never had an unhappy client, or a request for their money back, but if you are unhappy at any point before the half way point of production, we will refund you in full.

What are the first steps to getting started with MediaLuv?

Book a call. After a 5 minute chat, we will be off and rolling.

I'd like to refer someone to MediaLuv, do I earn a referral fee?

Yep, we give you a 10% referral fee for any and all new projects you bring in. You receive 5% upon the client's deposit and 5% upon completion. If that client reorders, which usually happens, you receive 5% of the lifetime revenue for any and all projects.