We help you produce custom made animated videos that will make students luv learning on your platform. Budget friendly videos, Quick delivery time, Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.  

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“This generation of students demand content in world-class video format and these deliver in spades.”

Ohio University

“I’d much rather get my content from a known source rather than some random YouTube channel”


University of Illinois

“Medialuv is the best video vendor out there for education videos period.  They delivered twice the quality in half the time and cost of all other video production teams we’ve worked with.  Highly recommend.” 

McGraw Hill Education

What is an Animated Educational Video?

Animated Educational Videos are 2D animated videos using characters, colorful scenes, images, icons, animated text/ equations, voice, and sound effects to visualize concepts, making subject matter easy to digest and fun to watch. From Math to Economics, Biology to Chemistry, we produce animated videos series that captivate your students and help them learn faster and more effectively.

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video marketing

What makes a successful Animated Educational Video (or series)?

  • Captures and holds attention
  • Simplifies concepts into easy to understand visuals
  • Fits seamlessly into your current course
  • The videos are enjoyable and educational

How Are Animated Educational Videos Used?​

Animated educational videos are typically used to supplement current courses and online courses. We can customize the look, feel, and content to seamlessly fit in with your pre-written courses. Videos can be embedded in online in web courses, emailed, hosted on a private YouTube page, or we can work with you to deliver the videos in anyway needed.

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Why Use Animated Videos?

Bite Sized Learning

Students luv learning quickly and supplementing their courses with videos that reenforce what they are learning.

Memory & Recall

Students are far more likely to memorize visuals and audible information, than other mediums.

+ Engagement

Interspersing videos throughout your course will keep students engaged and excited to learn more.

How It Works

From script to screen, we help you effortlessly produce and launch a video series that transforms the way you teach and the way your students learn.

1. Prepare Course Content

We'll work with you to determine if your current course materials are ready to be animated, or if you need to write your courses into bite sized scripts to make them more animation friendly. Our script writer will work directly with you to transform your current content, or to write it from scratch. If you have your course written, you are ready for production!

2. Design the Look and Feel

As soon as your course content is ready, we will begin designing the look and feel of the video and share static design frames with you so you can see what the video will look like before animation begin. At this point, we'll also have a professional voiceover record the voice for the video.

3. Get Things Moving

After the design frames and voice are ready, we blend them together in a smoothly animated video that brings your course to life. Your video series will be broken up into approximately 2 minute segments.

4. Launch and Learn

Once you are 100% satisfied, we will package up your files (typically a High Resolution H264 1280x720 video file) and get you ready to get your video in front customers.

The MediaLuv Guarantee

If we don’t meet your expectations, you aren’t happy with the service or visuals, concepts or video as we progress, we will fully refund your money, no questions asked!

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