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We’re a group of animation makers and designers that help you generate buzz, connect with your audience, and multiply your business with unforgettable visual content.

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About Us

 We’re a deadline driven, remote, creative agency that understands what it takes to create and deliver great work under any circumstance. We’re your creative partner who proactively leads and manages all of your projects from pitch to perfect.  

Inspiring Video + Design

We luv working with companies that are changing the status quo. We’ve been working with the Inspiren team to help them launch their ground breaking AI product, “In.” From their branding, to their company profile video featured on Fast Company, we’ve been helping them bring their vision to life. Inspiren is a great example of the changes you can make when you blend great ideas and a great team, with great creative execution.

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Sizzles That Scream

One of our favorite things to create are videos for PR and Marketing/ Ad Agencies to showcase their achievements, and to create videos that thrill their clients. We’ve been creating sizzle reels for agencies for years, and luv watching these agencies take off using entertaining videos as a tool to do so.

A Little Character Goes a Long Way

We believe the greatest ideas arrive when all you have to start is a blank page and a tight deadline. That’s how things started off when we had the opportunity to create the animated music video ‘Unbelievable’ for Owl City. We created a fun character, a VHS tape, who takes the viewer on a trip down memory lane and connected Owl City’s new song to millions of viewers.

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The MediaLuv Guarantee

If we don’t meet your expectations, you aren’t happy with the service or visuals, concepts or video as we progress, we will fully refund your money, no questions asked!

Why Work With MediaLuv?

Trusted Partner

From day one, we plug in to your system and work as if we are your own team. You can count on MediaLuv to deliver every time, with minimal management time needed. 

Speed & Quality

There is an old saying, “Speed, Quality, Good Price, pick two.” We don’t agree. We move fast, and believe creating fast in micro-bursts means you get to see progress quickly, test ideas quickly, launch quickly, and gives you the best value for your budget.

We're Good

 While we make the production process seamless and easy for you, none of it matters if we don’t deliver work that blows your mind, excites your audience and clients. We put care, attention, focus, and creativity into every project we take on so when we hand it off to you, you can be confident that it will be a jaw dropper. 

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